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In our world of constant content creation and distribution, data is critically important. Why? Data allows us to make informed business decisions and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Analyzing this critical data allows you to put it to good use and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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This is why we see professionals making use of a wide variety of analytical tools to track and measure every aspect of their business activity- website, blog, social media, email, video, audio, etc.

Tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Adobe analytics and many more have gained significant traction in the past few years. All of these tools help you measure the ins and outs of your website traffic, customer checkpoints, content engagement and more.

Today, however, our discussion is not about the website or social media analytics. We are talking about an important aspect of our business that is often left out in the cold but is equally (if not more) important than your website, blog or social media page- our documents.


Why are Documents left out in the cold?

We create tons of documents daily- business proposals, pitch decks, case studies, white papers, media kits, fact sheets, project proposals, to-do lists, meeting notes, competitor research, reports, etc. Documents are the building block of any business.

Documents play a central role in facilitating the proper functioning and overall success of any business. There is absolutely no company on the face of the Earth that can make it through a day without viewing and sharing documents.

Our documents allow us to research, make decisions, and move work forward. We can’t do that through just chat rooms, email, and conversations.

When the majority of our work consists of creating and sharing documents, why are we not tracking these documents? It’s shocking that document analytics seems like a far-fetched dream.

The fact that we aren’t using proper tools to measure the engagement levels on a document is astonishing. Do you know what happened to a document after you shared it with someone? How much time did they spend? Was it even viewed?

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How Tracking Your Documents Can Be a Game-changer for Your Business?

You often create business documents to close a deal, move the business forward, update or inform an important client, share research, distribute important reports, or onboard clients/employees.

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The usual method of sharing these documents is through sending attachments via email or sharing files/links via chat applications like Slack.

Gathering critical insights into your shared documents like who opened it, when did they open it, how far they scroll or how much time they spent viewing it, can be a game-changer.

Document tracking insights help you figure out:

  • Whether the client, prospect, partner or your employees read what you sent to them
  • Whether you need to make changes to your content to increase engagement levels
  • Replicate content that’s working across different audiences
  • Help you follow up intelligently to move the business forward.

Interesting right? By now you must be wondering why haven’t you started tracking your documents from the very beginning! Don’t fret, it’s never too late to do what’s right!

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Share and Track Documents with Bit

Bit is a new age cloud-based document collaboration tool that helps teams create, share, and track all your business documents in one place.

Bit.ai: SaaS tool for remote working

Bit helps you make sure your documents are more than just plain boring text. Apart from allowing multiple users to collaborate on documents, Bit also allows users to add rich media like YouTube videos, Google Docs, One Drive Excel Spreadsheets, SlideShares, etc. inside of their documents.

Basically, anything on the internet with a link can be shared and Bit will automatically turn it into visual content.

These interactive documents are collaborative, so you can work with your team simultaneously to contribute, refine and share important information either internally or externally.

Bit has design automation built-in to make sure that your documents look professional, beautiful and engage your audience without the need to spend time finessing it.

Once you’ve created your smart digital document in Bit you choose to share them with a trackable link. Here is an in-depth look at how document tracking works with Bit.

1. Here’s your Bit Document

A bit document example

2. Click on Share a Trackable Link

From the drop-down, you can select Share a Trackable Link. This is a link where your visitor will see a frozen copy of your document and your audience’s engagement levels will be tracked.

Preview of trackable link in a bit document

3. Customize Your Trackable Link Settings

  • Customize a title of the document for your audience
  • Add internal notes
  • Include an optional lead capture form
  • Add password protection in you’d like
  • Set an optional link expiration date
  • Include your personal profile
Preview of setting password to your pdf

4. Share Your Trackable Document

Once your trackable link is created you can share it via email directly through Bit.ai or copy the trackable link and share it.

Preview of sharing the trackable bit document

5. Gather Document Insights

The moment you share your trackable Bit document you’ll receive real-time in-app notification and email alert letting you know that someone is viewing your Bit document or leaving you feedback on it.

This allows you to intelligently track your audience’s behavior and respond to their feedback quickly. Trackable interactive Bit documents are the way teams need to move the business forward in an intelligent way.

Preview of notifications received regarding trackable document

6. View Your Document Insights

Bit provides you with document insights that allow you to see who has accessed your document (if you opted for a lead capture form), how frequently they opened the document, how much time they spent on it, how far they scrolled through the document and other great engagement metrics.

Cool, right?!

Preview of analytics data of tracked bit document

Parting Words…

Having the ability to share and track documents can be a game-changer for your business. By using Bit as your document management systems, you can track your internal as well as external documents with a simple click of a button!

Tracking these documents will not only help you understand how your audience is interacting with your content, but will also allow you to improve your documents for the better. With so much to gain, why wouldn’t the business of the future want an awesome document tracking tool?!

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