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Compressing details about your business or about your product or service into a single document can be a tedious task. But why would you want to create this document in the first place?

For starters, giving all the essential information about your business or product in a compressed document makes it easy and quick for others to understand what you do and why should they care.

 Fact sheets play a huge role in PR, sales, onboarding of new employees, pitching to investors, providing a company overview to partners and clients, etc. It’s an easy way to make sure all of these entities are able to understand the key parts of your business quickly and effectively.


What is a Fact Sheet? (Definition)

A fact sheet, also known as a factsheet and fact file is a one-sheet document, usually, a single page long, which comprises information and data about a company, startup, organization, or the product or service they provide.

Animated illustration of a company fact sheet

A fact sheet lists all the key information, facts, and figures around a particular topic, in a visual manner, with the help of files, charts, images, etc.

Fact sheets often contain company overview, product information, statistics, technical data, FAQs, lists, “how-to” pages, educational material, and so on.

The one thing you should take special care of while creating fact sheets is to make them clear, crisp, and concise. They are usually displayed in a visual format to emphasize key information.

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Why create a fact sheet?

Here are some ways fact sheets are used by companies:

  • Product or service fact sheets can be made for the sales and marketing teams to distribute to clients, partners, or prospects.
  • A startup fact sheet can be made as an introduction for investors.
  • Fact sheets can be made for internal reporting. For example, the finance department can create fact sheets for the company’s Q3 earnings and distribute them internally or to shareholders.
  • Organization fact sheets for human resources.
  • Fact sheets as marketing material and sales enablement content.
  • PR and media relationship fact sheets can provide journalists with all the information they need to write about you.

Fact sheets are necessary for all-size companies and have a multitude of use-cases.

However, before creating a fact sheet, you should always be crystal clear about the purpose of creating it and its intended audience. Only then you will be able to create an informative fact sheet that your readers will pay attention to and enjoy.


Things to know before writing a Fact Sheet

There are a few things one must keep in mind before creating a fact sheet. These include:

  • A fact sheet should preferably be a single page long.
  • The information mentioned in the fact sheet should be brief and concise.
  • Since visual information is easy to grasp, a fact sheet should be visually appealing comprising tables, charts, graphs, and bullet points.
  • Fact sheets should be easily readable.
  • Add a clear call to action at the end (a phone number, your email address, your social media links, etc).

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Importance of a Fact Sheet

Now that you have some idea about a fact sheet, it’s time to teach you the importance and the role it plays in the success of a business:

1. Saves time

Facts sheets are usually one page long. Therefore, they help save a lot of time for the reader by providing them all key information (without missing out on vital information) on a single page.

Since fact sheets are made to be visual first, a reader can quickly skim through a lot of information and facts quickly and easily.

For example, If you are creating a fact sheet for investors, they would greatly appreciate your effort in summarizing all the key information on a single page and helping them save their most important asset, i.e. time.


2. Easy to read

As we’ve mentioned before, fact sheets comprise lots of white spaces, bullet points, and bold headings.

On top of that, they are usually very visual in nature with key information presented using tables, graphs, and charts that are easy to read and grasp.


3. Cheap to produce

Animated illustration of money representing how cheap creating a fact sheet is!And lastly, since fact sheets are only a page long, they are don’t take much of your resources. They act as cost-effective PR material or sales enablement tools.


Steps for creating a fact sheet

Keep in mind the following steps while creating your fact sheet:

1. Add a header

The header acts as the title of your fact sheet. You can add a bold heading along with a striking image to get your audience’s attention from the get-go.

2. Include company description

 Start off your fact sheet with your company’s name and a short description of what it’s about. Add some basic information about your company like your office locations, the total number of employees, year of establishment, industry, etc. Feel free to add any other crucial information about your product, service, or company.

3. Talk briefly about your sheet’s vision and mission

Explain in a line or two, what your company stands for, why it exists, and what are its plans for the future. This can also be a good spot to add your company’s slogan or tagline.

4. Explain Your company’s founding story

Include your founding story of how the business was started, who started it, and why they started it.

5. Describe products and services

Describe your core offering and business activities. Who it is for, and why it’s better than the alternative. Make use of graphs, images, and tables to show key metrics, features, and comparisons.

6. Include milestones

 This is an important part of your fact sheet. Include major milestones and accomplishments. Include sales milestones, expansion milestones, funding rounds, etc. List down all the major milestones using bullet points to make them easy to review.

Some additional information you can include in your fact sheet includes:

  • Core Values
  • Key Metrics
  • Customer Segments
  • Leadership

You can then end the fact sheet by giving your contact information like a phone number, email address, and social media profiles for your audience to connect with you.

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How to use bit.ai for writing your fact sheet?

If you itching to create one for yourself, worry no more! Let’s show you how you can create a visually appealing fact sheet quickly and easily.

There are two major components that make or break a fact sheet: content and design.

We have already discussed how fact sheets need to compress all the vital information, data, statistics, and facts into a single page, and at the same time, leave no important knowledge behind.

However, the content of your fact sheet will only take you so far. You have to present that vital information in a professional, readable, and visually stunning manner.

Thus, both content and design play a huge role in the creation of an effective fact sheet. However, writing great content in a concise manner and making it visually appealing can take some time, effort, and a lot of time emailing your team members.

What if, your team members could work simultaneously in a collaborative workspace to create an awesome-looking fact sheet?

This is where Bit comes in.

Bit.ai - Document and Collaboration Platform

Bit is a new-age cloud-based document collaboration tool that helps teams create, manage, and track workplace documents including fact sheets.

Bit helps you make sure your fact sheets are more than just plain boring text and images. Apart from allowing multiple users to collaborate on documents, Bit also allows users to embed any sort of rich media into documents like YouTube videos, Google Docs, One Drive Excel Spreadsheets, GIFs, Tweets, interactive charts, etc.

Basically, anything on the internet with a link (i.e. www.example.com, https://example.com) can be shared and Bit will automatically turn it into live visual content that lives on your workplace documents!

Just copy-paste the URL of your content on a blank line of the document editor and hit enter. Bit, then generates a live preview of your digital content within your document. Imagine how rich and interactive your fact sheets can become.

Bit features infographic

The best part is that Bit documents allow simultaneous collaboration between team members.

This means that team members like content creators, editors, designers, marketers, etc. can work together to produce fact sheets (or any other workplace document) by brainstorming and pitching in their ideas!

The resulting documents are created faster, they look impressive, they’re creative, visually stunning, and best of all error-free!

Another great thing about Bit is that you can actually track your workplace documents when you share them with your audience. You can understand how effective your content actually is by observing how much time was spent on your documents, how often they were viewed, etc.

Bonus: To kickstart your efforts to create an awesome-looking fact sheet, we have designed a fact sheet template just for you! You can use it as it is or can make changes according to your brand and vision!

Here’s the perfect template to create an awesome-looking Fact Sheet.


Recommended power links and files you can add to your Bit Template includes:

  • YouTube, Vimeo
  • Weblinks
  • Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel
  • Presentations (Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Upload Files

Use this template as it is or customize it according to your company’s needs. Make it as dynamic and visually appealing as possible!

Few more templates you might be interested in:


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A fact sheet is an important yet underrated piece of document.

  • It summarizes critical information about a company, startup, product, or service in a single-page document.
  • It is useful as it acts as a marketing material, sales enablement tool, and internal reporting document.
  • It is easy to read and grasp and also cheap to produce and distribute.
  • The design of your fact sheet is as important as its content.
  • You should make use of pre-made digital fact sheet templates to create a visually appealing fact sheet document quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Create amazing-looking fact sheets and other workplace documents and start impressing clients, partners, investors, prospects, and your team members with Bit today!

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