No two words can bring joy to the face of an applicant waiting for a call-back than a ‘confirmation letter’. We all know it, right, that ecstatic feeling of getting our first confirmation letter?

Maybe it was from a college you applied or maybe it was from your first real job, wherever it was from, it definitely put a smile on your face. Now, the time has come for you to write a confirmation letter to someone else.

And having been at the receiving end of a confirmation letter before, you are very well aware of the fact that it is an extremely crucial letter to its recipient and it’s important that you get its contents right the first time.

It probably just hit you that writing a confirmation letter is not as fun and exciting as receiving one.

That’s probably why you are here, which is great because this blog has everything you need to know about confirmation letters and how to write them perfectly.

So without much ado, let’s get down to business, shall we?


What is a Confirmation Letter? (Definition)

A confirmation letter is an official letter that is given by one party to another to state that they have accepted or approved a particular request or process.

Even though confirmation letters apply to various activities such as events, appointments, reservations, travel, etc., it is usually common to hear about them from employees or student applicants.

A boy getting a confirmation call

For an employee, a confirmation letter is given when they complete their probation period and become a confirmed employee of the company. For a student, it is a confirmation that they are accepted into a course they applied.

It is basically a formal way of saying “Welcome to the company!” or “Welcome to the University!”

A confirmation letter usually contains all the important details pertaining to the matter it deals with. So, for an employee, it might include their joining date, designation, job description, salary amount, etc. while for a student, it might include their course details, duration of course, tuition fee, etc.

Now that we’ve covered what exactly a confirmation letter deals with, let’s take a look at why it’s important to create them!


Why Confirmation Letters are crucial?

To begin with, a confirmation letter is the best thing you can send to an applicant who has been waiting for the confirmation of their job position or seat. It makes them feel secure for officially being a part of something and boosts their morale as well.

In addition to this, a confirmation letter plays multiple important roles. It:

  • Formalizes and put value to an oral agreement
  • Serves as a source of reference
  • Rectifies any misunderstanding between the sender and receiver of the letter
  • Builds trust and goodwill
  • Acts as a piece of evidence for legal or court proceedings, in case of disputes or disagreements
  • Reminds the receiver of their responsibilities and duties to the organization/institution.

In short, a confirmation letter is equally valuable to the receiver and the sender. That’s why it’s important that you always create a confirmation letter each time you welcome a new employee to your company.

Want to get down to the nitty-gritty of writing the perfect confirmation letter? Then, read on…

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How to Create a Confirmation Letter? Follow these Steps!

Given below are the steps involved in writing a confirmation letter to an employee. Remember, these steps are also applicable to any confirmation letter.

A man opening a confirmation email

Step 1. Use a Business Letter Format

First things first, always write your confirmation letter using the standard business letter format. This means that you include:

  • Name and address of the recipient
  • Date of sending the letter
  • Proper salutation to address the recipient
  • Subject line to draw the attention of the reader
  • Body, which will include a paragraph specifying the main details and a paragraph for other details
  • Conclusion

Also, make sure that you use a standard font and proper spacing for lines and margins. All of this will help set a very professional tone for your confirmation letter.


Step 2. Mention the Job Title and Details

Start your confirmation letter with a congratulating and enthusiastic tone to welcome the employee to your company.

Here, you can mention the job title or position and include a brief summary of the job. This can describe the duties of the job, detail the salary or compensation amount, and mention the start date as well.

For example: “We at XYZ Company are pleased to offer you the position of Assistant Manager at a salary of $35,500 a year. Your first day will be November 15, 2021.”


Step 3. Detail the Terms and Conditions

The next thing to include in your confirmation letter is a summary of the terms and conditions that relate to your company’s offer.

Here, you can talk about any documents (such as non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements) that might need to be signed by the new employee or a deadline for submitting important documents or the submission for a background check or drug test, and so on.

This will help them prepare in advance for all the requirements to be fulfilled.

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Step 4. Offer Details About Benefits

You can provide the details about the benefits that your company offers to its employees.

In this section, you can list all the benefits that a new employee is eligible for. This can be anything from paid leaves to health insurance plans to retirement benefits and so on.


Step 5. Conclude with an Expression of Gratitude

Always end your confirmation letter on a positive note. You can do this by thanking your new employee for showing interest in your company and for putting in the effort to achieve the position.

A boy expressing gratitude

Don’t forget to express your enthusiasm and excitement in having them join your company.

For example: “Thank you so much for your interest in our endeavors here at XYZ Company. We’re excited to have you in our company and eagerly look forward to your contributions.”


Step 6. Include Your Name, Job Title, and Signature

Use a formal closing salutation such as “Sincerely” or “Regards” and then put in your signature, under which, you will mention your name (yes, both first and last name), your job title, and the name of the company

You can provide your contact details so that the recipients of the letter can get in touch with you for further details.


Step 7. Proofread and Edit

Finally, proofread your letter to ensure that it is free from spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and typos.

Make someone from the HR department read through your letter to cross-check if all the details you mentioned are correct.

Once that is done, your confirmation letter is all ready to be sent out to put a smile on the face of the recipient!

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If there’s anything we can confirm after this blog, it is that you are now properly equipped to write the perfect confirmation letter.

Not only have we given you a step-by-step guide on how to create a confirmation letter, but we also introduced you to Bit, our secret weapon to making letter writing a cakewalk.

With the right steps and the right tool in hand, you are just a few steps away from brightening the day of an applicant. Now go write that confirmation letter and end their wait!

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