Team building activities are a great way to bring your employees closer than ever. Let’s take a look at how these activities can transform your team into an A-team.

Team building quote by Reid Hoffman
“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.” -Reid Hoffman

Teamwork is critical. It allows employees to get to know each other, combine their strengths, and get work done faster. It forms the building blocks of any business and plays a huge role in its success or failure.


How Important is Teamwork and How To Achieve It Through Team Building Activities?

This is the first question you should ask if you want to build a successful business. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, George Shinn appropriately said, “There is no such thing as a self-made man (or woman). You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” Only when individual forces combine, can you achieve greater results, which were never possible on your own?

Teamwork plays a crucial role in any organization both big and small. When employees with common interests, goals, ambitions, and attitudes come together, a team is formed. This team then strives to put in the best effort to solve problems.

Each member of the team is expected to put in equal effort, get along with each other and achieve the goals set by the organization promptly.

Individual goals are secondary when a team is involved. For a team to be effective, every team member must be focused on a collective goal.

Quote on team building by Andrew Carnegie
“Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” ~Andrew Carnegie

About 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important. Employees understand the value of teamwork and how it can make or break their chances of growth.

This is why 97% of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

It is easy to form teams, assign tasks, and expect results. However, that is not how things work out most of the time.

Teams need to be constantly motivated; they need to develop an emotional bond, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, help each other in times of need, collaborate, and communicate with each other effectively. This is where team building comes in.

We know. You are starting to imagine Steve Carell’s role in the office and his team-building antics.

For your team-building efforts not to turn into team-breaking, you first need to understand:

  1. What team building actually means, and,
  2. How effective it can be to bring your team closer if done correctly.

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What is Team Building?

Team building can be defined as comprising the group of activities, strategies, and tactics used to enhance social relations between team members and motivate them to perform better.

When teams are formed, either voluntarily or involuntarily, members are expected to get along and understand their roles and responsibilities.

A team brainstorming on a project as a part of team building activityHowever, without routine checkups, acknowledgment for good work, and motivational exercises, teams are bound to fall apart and disengage.

Team building activities are, therefore, a must to make sure teams are getting along well, team members understand their roles, and responsibilities, and are motivated to perform their absolute best. 


Why are Team Building Activities Crucial For A Company?

According to a survey, 70% of US employees are not engaged at work. Team building activities ensure the personal as well as professional development of team members and encourage engagement.

Statistic on lack of engagement in team work It has been shown that companies with more engaged employees earn 2.5 x more revenue than those with low engagement levels!

The bottom line, it’s essential for every organization to engage in some sort of team-building activities as they result in a multitude of benefits.

Here are just a few of those awesome team-building benefits:

Team Building Activity Benefit 1: Increase in Employee Morale

Team building activities can be a fun and interactive way to boost employee morale. Winning fun games and activities that require team effort can increase motivation which can translate into everyday work.

Engaging in fun activities also allows team members to open up to each other and their seniors, which can foster new creative ideas and opinions.


Team Building Activity Benefit 2: Improves Team Communication

One of the primary reasons behind team building activities is to foster open and clear communication amongst team members.

Team members communicating via text messagesBy getting people out of their workplace setting, organizations can break down their communication barriers and help employees converse casually.

Taking team members to a picnic or the latest movie can start the conversation flowing in no time. This will eventually strengthen their work relationships and overall efficiency.

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Team Building Activity Benefit 3: Builds Trust Among Employees

Imagine a team-building activity in which the team is divided into pairs, where one partner is blindfolded, and the other partner has to guide him/her through a path full of obstacles.

These kinds of games and activities can be extremely useful in building a sense of trust and support amongst employees and can result in better interpersonal relations back at the desk.

Team building activities based on improving trust can be extremely important for newly-formed teams or cross-functional departments who don’t get the chance to connect with each other often and form meaningful relationships.

When employees can trust and count on each other, they operate with a sense of freedom which often leads to better results.

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Team Building Activity Benefit 4: Helps Teammates Get to Know Each Other Better

Team building activities can help employees socialize and get to know each other better. Making friends and acquaintances in the workplace can go a long way to increase productivity, improve morale and enhance collaboration in the workplace.

Team members in a meeting Team building activities help team members know a person outside the office environment, which often results in a more natural and human relationship.

You also get to know about each other’s strengths and shortcomings better, which is critical information for improved team behavior.


Team Building Activity Benefit 5: Resolves Conflicts

A team can comprise members with different attitudes and personalities. Small conflicts or disagreements are common when working in a team.

However, maintaining team harmony is a must for teams working collaboratively and gives them a sense of trust. Conflicts amongst team members can be a productivity killer. These problems can turn into a nightmare for managers and can affect the company’s bottom line if not handled correctly.

In fact, according to a study by CPP Inc. U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved with conflict, which amounts to approximately $359 billion in paid hours or the equivalent of 385 million working days.

Team building activities can indirectly force team members to get along with each other in a non-workplace environment. Here are some of the ways team-building activities resolve conflict:

  1. Teams learn how to communicate problems and issues with one another
  2. Understand each other’s point of view
  3. Get to know each other on a more personal level
  4. Reduces the chances of future conflicts


Team Building Activity Benefit 6: Increases Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of teamwork. It’s what teamwork is all about… getting work done together, and helping each other out when needed. When you have a collaborative work environment, employees feel more secure and content.

A team working on a puzzle as a part of team building activityEven though collaboration is a critical part of any organization’s culture, 39% of surveyed employees believe that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough.

Team building activities aimed to improve collaboration can bring people closer, help build skills for discourse and learn how to work towards solving a problem together.

There is a multitude of various fun activities that can help bond teams like group tent-building competitions, playing sports, or participating in a charity drive at a homeless shelter to name a few. These activities are bound to bring the team together and help members engage with one another.

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Team Building Activity Benefit 7: Increases Creativity

Taking out the entire team from time to time can help ease workplace pressure and get employees out of the rut. By breaking the routine day-to-day activities for a fun-filled day at the park, employees can get a much-needed breather.

This recharge often results in an increase in creative ideas and problem-solving between co-workers. Going out with teammates and facing new challenges can help employees attain a new perspective and outlook.

Employees spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, sitting next to each other. Team building activities make sure that employees get to know each other well, learn to trust and count on each other, and are motivated to get the job done together.

Let’s take a look at some awesome team-building activities that will supercharge your employee’s morale, enhance relationships and come together as a cohesive group to help you achieve your company’s goals.


List of 50 Best Team Building Activities For Better Collaboration and Understanding

Below are a few of our favorite team-building activities that will bring your team closer than ever:

1. The Egg Drop

One of our favorite team-building exercises is the egg drop. In this activity, the team is divided into two groups, and each group is asked to build an egg package to save an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height.

Egg drop: team building activity Each team is provided with various tools and materials needed to make the egg package. The process of creating an egg package encourages employees to get creative and problem-solve together.

It’s a fun, messy activity that teaches important workplace traits like teamwork, communication, and creativity.


2. Hobby Clubs

Hobby clubs are an excellent way to bring together like-minded people. The organization can provide financial support for these clubs and encourage people to spend a few hours a week spending time on hobbies they care about.

Book clubs, photography clubs, cooking classes, painting classes,  etc. are a few examples. These activities give employees a chance to engage in conversations, which don’t involve work and unwinding.  

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3. Zoom

This team-building activity is based on the picture books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which comprises 30 sequential pictures.

The team is divided into groups and each group has to piece together a narrative from the set of images that are handed out to them. Participants can only look at the image provided to them and must hide it from anyone else.

Without looking at each other’s images, the group must put the images in sequence. The group that completes the story the earliest wins. This team-building game is a great way to instill problem-solving skills and teamwork.


4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts, a classic team-building exercise, are a fun and engaging way to promote cooperation and creative thinking.

Scavenger hunt: Team building activityDepending on the size of the company or the department, employees are divided into smaller groups and are asked to look for a list of things hidden in a certain area. Often clues, lead to more clues and activities to get to the end.

The team that completes the scavenger hunt first is the winner. Scavenger hunts encourage team bonding and are a good way to teach time management to employees.

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5. Office Trivia

Compile a list of office-related questions like, “how many desks are in the office?”, “how many people are in the HR department?”, “What brand are the computers?”, or “how many floors are there in the office building?” and test your employee’s knowledge.

This team-building exercise tests how observant your employees are.


6. Minefield

Use some empty space and fill it up with obstacles or ”mines” like office chairs, desks, balloons, water bottles, etc. Divide your team into pairs where one is blindfolded.

The sighted person must guide their partner to the end of the room without touching the mines. This type of team activity builds trust and improves communication between team members.


7. Blindfold

Blindfolded team-building games can be a great way to promote trust and clear communication among employees. There are many types of blindfold team building activities like blindfold tent building, racing, low tightrope walking, etc. which require a team effort.

Blindfold: Team building activityThis team-building exercise is usually played in a group of two. One person is blindfolded and is instructed by their partner to follow a certain set of directions to help them win the competition.

Blindfold challenges are a great way to build communication, especially active listening. They also can be a lot of fun!


8. Frostbite

Frostbite is a scenario-based challenge in which a team of 4-5 is asked to build a tent shelter in the Attic to protect themselves from freezing weather.

However, the team leader has frostbite on his/her hands and is unable to help while the rest of the team is suffering from snow blindness and thus, can’t see.

The team which builds the tent the quickest wins. It’s an interesting team building activity that tests the leadership and collaborative skills of the team.


9. Paintball

Who wouldn’t love a great paintball session? Divide your team into two groups or have a paintball competition between teams from different departments.

Paintball is a popular team-building activity as it requires a combination of teamwork, strategy, and leadership.

During the competition, a paintball team develops communication skills, careful planning, decision-making, and collaboration.


10. Paper Plane

We bet you have made and flown paper planes as a kid. This team-building exercise is super fun, and engaging and requires only a piece of paper.

Paper plane: Team building activityIt can be done individually or as a team. Employees are asked to make a paper plane from an A4 sheet and are challenged to a race. The plane that travels the farthest wins.

This team-building exercise encourages creativity, as the design of the paper plane plays a significant role in its flight. Instead of distance, you can even have a “best-designed paper plane” contest and have everyone vote for the winner.


11. Board-Games

Everyone likes board games! Organize a board game tournament and set prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Board games can include a game of Jenga, Codenames, or cards.


12. Two Truths and a Lie

This interesting team-building activity requires every team member to write down two truths and a lie about themselves on a piece of paper and not reveal it to anyone.

After that, allow team members to have 15-minutes to question each other about their truths and lies, trying to guess one from another. After the questioning period, vote as a group on each member’s truths and lies.

Points are awarded for guessing correctly or hiding your own lie. This exercise encourages better interaction and communication and helps to get to know your co-workers better.


13. Charity Drive

Charity drive: Team building activityHelping out the community is one of the best ways to come together as a single unit and work towards a greater cause. According to a study, corporate social responsibility is the third most important driver of employee engagement overall.

Volunteering at old-age homes, building homeless shelters or tents, and mentoring at nearby schools are some of the things you can encourage your teams to do together.

This will not only bring the team together emotionally but will also help boost employee morale while making a positive impact on the society and community.

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14. Go-Karting

Go-karting is an engaging team building activity that can get the adrenaline pumping. It is an amazing way for employees to interact with one another over a fun race.

Friendly races are bound to leave everyone content. Make sure to double-check safety.


15. Build the Tower

Team members are grouped and are asked to build the tallest tower with the given supplies. These supplies can include uncooked spaghetti or playing cards.

This will encourage team bonding and creativity as the team tries to build a tower that stands on its own with limited resources.

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16. Toxic Waste

Teams are provided with just two ropes and are required to transport a bucket of ‘Toxic Waste’ (some balls in a bucket) and return it to the safe zone without tipping over the contents.

Toxic waste: Team building activity

It is a great problem-solving and teamwork exercise your next team-building session should have.


17. Pokemon-Go Competition

The internet craze, Pokemon-Go can be a great way to get your team outside the office for 15-minutes a day and do some Pokemon catching.

This not only helps your employees take a quick mental break but also stimulates team bonding and healthy competition as to who catches the most Pokemon. Fun, right?!


18. What’s My Name? 

You must have seen this game before, maybe with a different name. What’s My Name is an interesting team building activity where each player is assigned the name of a person (dead or alive).

The name is written on a post-it note or a piece of paper and attached to the back of another team member so they can’t see who they are but the rest of the group can.

Then the team members will go around the room asking questions and answering other questions related to their names until the other persons figure out who they are.

The questions and answers are often stereotypes related to the name in the tag. After a member knows who they are, the game ends for them.

The purpose is to enlighten team members of their sometimes stereotypical thinking and narrow viewpoints and understand and treat each other better.


19. Lunch Dates

Another classic team-building activity is lunch dates which can be organized by team leaders or management. Take your team to a fancy restaurant or have a barbeque in the local park. Team members are bound to converse over food and get to know each other better.

Lunch date: Team building activityYou can even allow your employees to bring their family members for a more casual get-together. Lunch dates encourage communication and bonding which translates into increased productivity at work.


20. Negotiate

Divide your group of employees into teams of three and give each group two coins. One person (who can be the team lead or manager) can act as the mediator.

Now the objective is the negotiate amongst groups and decide which of the three groups gets to keep the coin. The better they can sell and negotiate, the higher their chances of winning.

Now have them decide who gets to keep the money. This team-building activity teaches team members a vital skill in negotiation which should not be limited to the domain of salespeople.


21. Dog, Rice, Chicken

In this activity, one of the group members is assigned the role of a farmer and the rest team serves as villagers.

The farmer bought a dog, a bag of rice, and a chicken and he needs to get them across the river to return home. However, his dilemma is that he can only carry one item with him on his boat.

He cannot leave the dog alone with the chicken because the dog will eat the chicken, and he cannot leave the chicken alone with the bag of rice as the chicken will eat the rice.

The team has to collectively brainstorm and come up with a way for the farmer to get all three of his purchases back home safely?


22. Back-to-Back Drawing

Teams are divided into pairs, with each pair sitting with their backs touching. One person is given a shape and the other a sheet and a pen.

Back to back drawing: Team building activityThe person holding the image must give verbal instructions to their partner as to how to draw the image without telling them what the image or shape is.

This team-building activity focuses on the listening and collaborating skills of employees. The pair with the best image replica wins.

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23. Improv

Improv takes a fun approach to team building as it ends up being an entertaining and hilarious event that team members can enjoy together.

Have your own “Who’s line is it anyway” workshop at the office and break the ice with a pinch of laughter!


24. Room Escape Games

Room escape games have become very popular in recent years as a great team-building experience. In this, a group is locked inside a room and is given an hour to escape.

The objective is to find clues within the room and use them to get out of the room before the timer runs out.

According to data, only 20 percent of players actually make it out before the hour is up, showing that it really takes a good amount of brainstorming, team creativity, logic, and patience skills to get out of the room in time.

You can do this activity in your office with a vacant meeting room or can also go to ‘Escape the room’ pop-up locations which have opened up in various countries seeing the popularity of the game.


25. Memory Wall

Team members are asked to write some work-related subjects on a whiteboard or post-its, then have everyone pick one and share a memory related to that topic.

Memory wall: Team building activity These topics can include “my favorite coworker”, “my first day at the office,” “presentation day,” etc. The memory wall team building activity is a great way to bond over positive memories and helps develop deeper work relationships.


26. Catch Phrase

This game has become so popular over the years that Hasbro has even made an electronic version of it. In this team building activity, team members are asked to describe a word or phrase without actually saying it.

Each team member takes a turn while the rest of the group is assigned the task of guessing. Phrases can even include expressions, celebrities, sports personalities, or simply objects in the office.

It’s a great team-building activity to teach employees how to effectively communicate in the organization.


27. Listen up!

Want to improve your team’s listening and comprehension skills? Listen up is a great team-building activity that does exactly that. First, pair up participants and give them prepared index cards.

One team member reads the prompt on his/her card and is asked to speak on the topic for the next 3-5 minutes.

The partner is then supposed to recap their talk in one minute. In the next round, you can reverse their roles.


28. Photo Shoot

Break down your employees into smaller groups comprising 3-4 members. Ensure that each member of the group has a camera phone. Next, create a list of items the teams need to click photos of. You can list objects, situations, people, etc., and try to make it as fun as possible.

Photoshoot: Team building activityGive your team 30 minutes to an hour to come back with their photographs, The groups that click photos of the most items win. You can also assign different points to different items to decide what team has the maximum points.


29. Day-to-Day

Ever wondered what your colleague’s typical day at the office looks like? Get to know your peers better by playing day-to-day, a team-building activity that describes your typical day at the office. You can have all your group sit in a circle.

Then a person at the beginning of the chain can start describing what their typical day at the office looks like. This continues until every member has gotten the chance to speak up.

This way you can see what your peers work on their whole day and appreciate their efforts, especially if they seem very busy and unapproachable at the office.


30. Pencil Drop

For this team building activity, take a pencil and attach two pieces of string around the eraser part of it.

Divide your group into two teams and tie one piece of the string around the waist of one of the team members and the other string around the waist of the other member.

Then find a water bottle and have both teams try to lower the pencil inside the bottle without using their hands. Teamwork and collaboration are the two main themes of this team building activity.


31. Masterchef

Divide your teams into smaller groups, pick a food category (pizza, anyone?) and challenge the team to come up with a delicious dish in time.

Masterchef: Team building activity Have team leaders judge the culinary challenge and announce winners. Making food together requires teamwork and creativity and can turn out to be a delicious team building activity for everyone!


32. Skits

Skits are a great team-building activity as it forces employees to get out of their comfort zone and perform with their co-workers. From building up a story to rehearsing and assigning characters, all end up being an exercise in leadership, creativity, and collaboration.

This team-building activity can be performed in large groups of 40-50 people and by dividing them into groups of around 10.

Each group can be given 5-10 minutes to prepare and around 5 minutes to perform. They can choose the topic on their own or can be selected randomly from a bowl of chits with topics written on them.


33. Re-organize

Re-organize is a simple team-building activity that can be used as ‘get to know each other’ session amongst the team members. Divide the group into two lines facing each other.

Then, pick a category such as first names, and have both teams re-organize themselves alphabetically, as quick as they can.

You can then announce another category and so on. This activity helps team members build social connections and also encourages them to think on their feet.


34. Karaoke Night

What better way to break the ice between teammates than a laughter-filled karaoke night.

Karaoke Night: Team building activityKaraoke can be a great way to loosen up a bit and reduce stress after a long office day. Who knows who you share your favorite song with!


35. The Human Machine

Split the group into teams of 8-10 members and give them 10 minutes to come up with a human machine and then have them demonstrate it. What do we mean by human-machine you say?

It’s a fun activity where group members become parts of a “machine”, each one making a discrete sound and or physical motion until the whole group is working together as one human machine.

You can either have other groups guess which machine you built or simply remove one member from each team and give them 3-5 minutes to adjust their machine. This team-building activity forces your employees to be creative and foster collaboration.


36. Guess Work

Similar to dumb charades Guess Work is another great team-building activity. The group is split into small teams of 4-5 participants.

One team member is given a random object (can be any office supply or stationery item). The person given the object is not supposed to show it to his/her team members.

When the turn occurs, the person has to go up in the front and show the use of the object without talking. The team that gets it right wins the game.

Every group can choose one member who would do the demonstration, thereby testing the decision-making abilities and creativity of individuals.


37. Kayaking

Kayaking is a great personal activity, but it can also double up as a fun team-building exercise too!

Kayaking: Team building activityTake your team to your nearest lake/river and hop on a kayak/canoe for some water-based fun. You can ask your employees to rent multi-person kayaks so they can paddle in groups (ideally, people from departments).


38. A Shrinking Vessel

Want to get creative? Try out A Sinking Vessel, a team-building activity based on the idea that you and your team members are stranded on a sinking ship and have to stand close to each other to keep yourself in the area above the water.

What you will need is a rope to mark a space on your floor. Have your team members stand in that space and keep on gradually shrinking the space.

The objective is to stay within the shrinking boundaries, so the team really has to think quick!


39. What’s in the Room

This is for marketers and salespeople! In this team building activity, employees are divided into groups of 3-5 participants and are asked to pick up any random object in the room.

The groups are then required to prepare a marketing plan to sell that object. The groups are supposed to come up with a full-blown strategy- a brand name, tagline, logo, and more to make it more appealing and they have to do all of this within 60 minutes.

After the time is up, the group has to present their product and try to sell it at a profit to the other teams (or maybe an auction). The team which sells the product at the highest profit is declared the winner.

This activity acts as a learning experience for people from different departments and gives them a preview into the mind of a marketer or salesperson.


40. Camping

If you don’t mind some overnight fun, camping can turn out to be a great relationship builder.

Camping: Team building activityTeam members can develop great relations overnight while talking, singing, and having a good time immersed in nature. It is a great way to build memories together and enhance camaraderie.


41. Perfect Square

In this team building activity, your teammates are supposed to form a perfect square with a rope with their eyes closed. First, have your team members stand in a circle holding a piece of the rope.

Then ask everyone to put on their blindfold and leave the rope on the floor. Next, have them walk a short distance away from the circle, then come back and pick up the rope. Finally, they have to now try and form a perfect square with the rope without removing their blindfolds.

You can even set a time limit or ask team members to be mute to make this activity more challenging. The purpose of this activity is to foster an environment of clear communication amongst team members as, without it, they won’t be able to form a perfect square.

It can also lead to hilarious outcomes, making it a must-try team building activity.


42. Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to bond over a shared interest and at the same time, build up that reading habit you have been promising yourself for years!

If you have a lot of bookworms in the office, ask them to pick a book for the week or month and give them space and other resources to meet and discuss the title. Mix up the genres to make it interesting for everybody.


43. Professional Development Workshop

Professional development workshops are an excellent way to provide employees with the opportunity to learn and advance in their careers.

Professional Development Workshop: Team building activityBut they are also a great team bonding experience as teams can learn about their job trends or a vital skill together.

This form of shared learning allows teams to grow together and help each other out with concepts.

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44. Desert Survival

Desert Survival is a team-building activity in which the group is given a scenario where a plane has crashed, leaving everyone stranded in a desert.

The group is provided with a list of items that might be helpful for their survival and the eventual rescue. Team members are then asked to rank each item based on their importance on an individual basis and then by a group consensus method.

It’s a great exercise that allows us to reflect on our personal choices vs the choice of the group as a whole, all the while teaching us about teamwork and collaboration.


45. Human Knot

Here’s another fun challenge for your team. Ask your team members to stand in a circle. Then ask each member to extend his or her right arm and grab the hand of someone standing across the circle.

Repeat the same with the left. People should be holding the hands of different people and not of someone standing adjacent to them.

Then when everyone’s holding hands, ask them to untie this human knot without breaking the circle. If the knot breaks, the group has to restart the exercise.

The purpose of this game is to bring the team closer and work as a unit to solve a problem. If a single member breaks the chain, the team suffers, promoting an underlying theme of teamwork.


46. Team Birthday Line Up

Team birthday lineup is a quick and simple team-building activity that requires nothing but your employees. The objective of the activity is to line the group up according to their birthdays (month and day).

Team Activity Birthday Line Up: Team Building ActivityThe catch is that they can’t talk while doing so. The only way to signal each other is to use hand gestures or other nudges to determine each other’s birthdays.

The line should begin on January 1st and end on December 31st. It’s a fun little team building activity that tests your team’s communication and cooperation.

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47. Salt and Pepper

Take a piece of paper for each employee and write a pair of things (ex: salt on one piece and pepper on another). Tape one piece of paper on the back of the employee, making sure they can’t see it.

 When the game starts, employees then must walk around asking yes or no questions to find out the word taped to their backs. Once they figure that out, they need to find their other pair.

When they find each other, have them sit down and find three things they have in common, while the rest of the employees continue the game.


48. Barter Puzzle

Divide your employees into small groups of 3-4 people. Each group is then given a different jigsaw puzzle with the same level of complexity. The team that can put all the pieces of the jigsaw together in the least possible time will win.

However, some pieces will be mixed around in other groups’ jigsaw puzzles. And that’s the challenge! The team has to come up with creative ways to get the pieces back from other team members through negotiation, trading, exchanging team members, etc.


49. Sports Day Out

Sports are a great culmination of grit, ambition, and teamwork. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, ask your team which sports they like and take them out for a sports game.

Sports day: Team building activityWatching a game together can be a great team-building activity as you cheer for your team and charge up your team spirit.


50. Bowling

Although viewed as an individual sport, bowling can act as a great conversation starter or relationship builder.

Divide your team into two groups and have a bowling competition. What better way to spend an evening than bowling?


It’s Time to get the team together:

Team building doesn’t have to be hard. It’s supposed to be a fun way for employees to get to know each other and have a great time.

These activities subtly strengthen employee relations which results in greater output at work.

When employees are at peace with one another, know each other well, and there’s harmony in the workplace, business is bound to excel!

Let’s recap. Team building activities will help to:

  1. Bring your team closer
  2. Encourage creativity
  3. Improve communication and collaboration
  4. Build a sense of trust amongst team members
  5. Improve employee morale and confidence
  6. Ease conflicts


Now it’s time for you to start considering team-building exercises as an important part of your organizational curriculum. Take the lead and encourage team building activities from time to time to bring your employees, teams, and departments closer.

It’s no secret that in four businesses to succeed, you need your teams to do well together and team building is surely the way to go!

What do you think about team building? Do you have any favorite team-building exercises we haven’t mentioned? Share your ideas below![/vc_column_text]

These are some of the best team building activities one can find. Pin it for future reference!

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