Let’s admit it.

No matter how amazing and out-of-the-box your idea is, creating a project proposal and communicating the idea to the potential client is NOT easy.

You’ve to make the decision makers fall in love with your proposal, communicate your idea clearly and confidently, make sure that the budget and timelines don’t seem absurd to them, and the list goes on and on.

Those are a lot of things to take care of, right? Yes, writing a project proposal is painstaking, but it doesn’t always have to be. All you need is a little push, and that’s why we’ve written this blog.

To help you win your dream client and get started with your project proposal, we’re going to share a few awesome project proposal examples with you. 😎

You can take some inspiration from these examples, and modify them according to your own needs. But, before we dive into the examples, let’s quickly go over what a project proposal is.


What’s a Project Proposal Anyway?

Simply put, a project proposal is a document that you present to potential clients or sponsors. It illustrates key information about what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to accomplish it.

Project proposals are significant because your clients use them to evaluate your plans, ideas, and strategies. They decide whether they will go ahead and use your services on the basis of your proposal.

Two employees brainstorming on a project proposal

In a nutshell, the main goal of a project proposal is to communicate how you plan to approach the project and convince the recipient to implement your plan and hire you.

Now that you know the nitty- gritty of project proposals, let’s get to what you came for – some really solid examples of project proposals.


List of 3 Project Proposal Examples You Need To See!

Project Proposal Example 1: Social Media Marketing

✍️ Executive Summary

Romeo Cafe is one of the best cafes in Manhattan. However, they currently don’t have a social media presence, making it difficult for them to reach new people, specifically millennials.

As discussed in our last email, the team at Magic Inc. would be creating and handling their Instagram and Twitter accounts in order to expand their reach. We’d be posting artistic posts related to the items on their menu, customer testimonials, reels from their cafe, and more.

We aim to help Romeo Cafe reach 8k organic followers within the next 8 months, and we anticipate that this would help increase the cafe’s revenues by 40% by the next 12 months.


✍️ Project Background

Magic Inc. is a social media marketing agency located in San Diego. We have been working with restaurants, fashion brands, cafes, retailers, hotels for the last 7 years. Our main goal is to help the clients adapt to the modern age and grow their business with the help of the latest social marketing trends.

We believe that social media is something that can take your business to new heights, and it is that one thing every business should try its hands at. This philosophy certainly makes us an excellent fit for your cafe.


✍️ Solutions and Approach

Our plan is to create and manage your Instagram and Twitter accounts. These social media accounts would help you reach the millennials, as these are the platforms where they’re hanging out the most. Here’s everything we’d be doing as a part of your social media marketing:

  • Post artistic photos of items in your menu, clicked by one of our professional photographers.
  • Engage in conversations related to your niche on Twitter.
  • Post funny and original memes related to food, cafes, and everything in between.
  • Post Instagram reels shot at your cafe.
  • Get influencers to promote your cafe on Instagram.
  • Create viral social media campaigns.


✍️ Financials

We will charge $4000 every month to manage your Instagram accounts. This cost includes the following:

  • Professionally clicked photographs.
  • Witty copies for social media.
  • Videos that showcase the essence of your cafe.
  • Beautifully designed posts.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Responding to queries that arrive on social media.
  • Every other aspect of your social media accounts.


✍️ Additional Documents

Magic Inc. has attached the following documents:

  • A list of our employees who’ll be working on the social media accounts.
  • A page of testimonials from other clients who had used our services.

✍️ Conclusion

In a nutshell, Magic Inc. can help Romeo Cafe expand its reach by creating social media accounts and managing them effectively and efficiently. Magic Inc. aims to help the cafe reach 8000 organic followers within the next 8 months. We anticipate that this would increase the cafe’s revenues by 30% by the next 12 months.

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Project Proposal Example 2: Freelance Writing

✍️ Executive Summary

The Destination is one of the best travel agencies in Brooklyn. However, their blog is not getting enough readers, and they’re getting very low email open rates due to a lack of quality content.

As discussed in our last email, I, Nicholas, would provide you with consistent, high-quality blog posts every week according to a pre-decided content calendar. I’d also be writing persuasive content and CTAs for your email newsletters, helping you get better email open rates.

✍️ Project Background

I’ve been working as a freelance content writer for the last 12 years, and I’ve helped several other clients like you. I strongly believe that great writing must come from deep within, and every writer should have the ability to connect with their reader. This philosophy of mine helps me write exceptionally, which is why I think I’d be a great fit for your organization.

✍️ Solutions and Approach

The following solutions are for 3 months. Once we’ve established a working relationship, we can discuss the rest later on. Here’s what I plan to do after you accept the proposal:

  • Write and publish blog posts on topics related to traveling and what that customers are searching for on Google. The goal of these blog posts will be to achieve a good ranking on the search engine.
  • Improving your SEO efforts and ensuring that the blogs revolve around the key questions of your customers.
  • The frequency of the blogs would be twice a week, which could be modified in the future, depending on your requirements.
  • Creating content for your email newsletters and sharing the blogs and other relevant company information within them. (Frequency: Twice a Month)

✍️ Financials

The following estimate is based on a 3-month plan, as outlined earlier in this proposal.

DescriptionQuantityPrice Per Post/NewsletterTotal Cost for 3 Months
Blog Posts2 posts a week$120$2880
Content for Email NewslettersTwice a month$80$1920
Total Costs$4800

✍️ Additional Documents

I have attached the following documents:

  • Some samples of my writing.
  • A page of testimonials from other clients who had used my services.

✍️ Conclusion

In a nutshell, I can help ‘The Destination’ get more visitors to their website by writing quality blog posts and email newsletters. As a result, I aim to increase the travel agency’s leads by 15% in the next three months.

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Project Proposal Example 3: Web Design

✍️ Executive Summary

ZigZag & Co. is planning to launch a robust mobile app for food delivery in the next 6 months. However, they currently don’t have a specific website for the same.

As discussed in our last phone call, the team at Crazy Hazy Inc. would be creating a website for the new app. Their website would feature details on how to download the app, the company’s journey, testimonials from their customer, a help center, and most importantly, a blog.

We anticipate that this would help increase the downloads by 30% within the next 10 months of launch.

✍️ Project Background

Crazy Hazy Inc. is a digital marketing agency located in Los Angeles. They have been working with different start-ups, mostly in the technical niche, for the last 4 years. Their main goal is to help the startups achieve their dreams and provide them with the best services at an affordable price. This vision certainly makes us an excellent fit for your start-up.

✍️ Solutions and Approach

Our plan is to create a minimal website that suits the look and feel of the app. The website would go live within two months after you accept our project proposal. The main goal of the website is to increase brand awareness about your app. The website will have the following components:

  • A fun yet informative blog where we’d be posting a minimum of 4 blogs every week. The niche of the blogs would be food, cooking, and other similar things.
  • An ‘Our Journey’ page that showcases everything people need to know about the app and the journey of its founders.
  • A help center and a page that features details on how to download the app.
  • A customer testimonials page that features all the good things the customers have said about your app, along with their photos.
  • A contact page with your company’s address, contact number, and a signup form.

✍️ Pricing

We’ll be charging $3000 to build this website. The cost involves the following components:

  • Two years’ registration of the domain with the name of your app.
  • Hosting space on our servers.
  • The entire design and creation of the website.
  • Troubleshooting assistance even after delivery (Free for 4 months and then chargeable)

✍️ Additional Documents

Crazy Hazy Inc. has attached the following documents:

  • A list of our employees who’ll be working with you and creating your website.
  • A page of testimonials from other clients who had used our services.

✍️ Conclusion

Crazy Hazy Inc. can help your company, ZigZag & Co., spread awareness about its brand by creating a robust and user-friendly website for the same. We anticipate that this would help increase the downloads by 30% within the next 10 months of launch.


Wait, We’ve Something in Store For You!

Okay, we’ve solved one problem for you – the problem of not knowing what to write in your project proposal. You can just pick one of these examples and modify it according to your needs.

Now, we’re going to solve another problem – the problem of not being able to format your project proposal and make it classy and easy on the eyes.

See, your project proposal is your first and last chance to make an impression on your client, so you need to make sure that it’s rock solid. Even if you’ve the greatest idea on earth, it won’t make much of an impression on the client if you’ve presented it using huge chunks of text and a disheveled format.

That’s where Bit.ai comes in! Using this powerful document collaboration platform and its 90+ stunning and fully responsive templates, you can create and share documents that are the best in class and lead to great things.

Bit.ai - Document and Collaboration Platform

Apart from taking care of the design and formatting aspect for you, Bit even lets you add videos, social content, music, maps, charts, surveys/polls – basically any rich media you can think of in your documents.

When you’re all set to share your project proposal with your clients, you can invite them to view the proposal inside of Bit as a Guest. You can even share the proposal with a live link, embed it on a website, or share a trackable link to track the engagement levels of your proposal.

So why give someone a boring, static project proposal when you could turn it into something much more amazing using Bit, right? Try it out today and don’t forget to let us know how it goes by tweeting us @bit_docs.

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Good luck! 💖

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