Okay, let’s admit it: we’ve all bought productivity books, watched motivational videos, and yet struggled with the productivity plague at some point.

Because we’re living in a time where there are just so many distractions – whether it is Instagram or Coronavirus news alerts. They all make us lose precious hours of life during which we could’ve got SO MANY things done.

And we mean it. According to research, in an eight-hour workday, an average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes.

That leaves a lot of scope for improvement. We could all be more productive and honestly, being productive isn’t even rocket science – it is very much plausible.

But, how exactly do you become a productivity wizard?

Is there a magic pill that will instantly make you productive? A secret formula? Or, will a fairy come down and bless you with the ability to achieve all your goals?

Sadly, no, but there is something that will truly help you make the most of your time here on this majestic earth – a productivity plan.


Umm…A Productivity Plan? What on Earth is That?

An army never goes out to war without a clear plan. A football team never goes to the field without a proper game. Even companies put so much time and resources into creating and planning business strategies.

Then, why do we fail to prioritize planning where it matters the most – our daily lives? If you want to live a productive life, you’ve to plan ahead, and that’s exactly what a productivity plan is about.

In your productivity plan, you can list your goals, the habits you want to adopt, the tasks you want to complete, and the things you want to prioritize.

A productivity plan ensures that you give enough time to the most important tasks, keep distractions to a minimum, and get more done!

It is the best defense against unproductivity, reminding you of what you need to focus on and bringing you closer to your goals.


Nice! But, How Do I Make Sure that My Productivity Plan is Rock Solid?


1. Keep it Realistic

Creating a productivity plan doesn’t seem like a complicated practice – but so often it is because people end up making the plan look like a never-ending, lengthy list of all the things they need to accomplish.

But here’s something you need to remember: a confusing overcommitted productivity plan is never going to help you get more done. It’ll just leave you stressed and overwhelmed.

The solution? Create a productivity plan that is realistic! Don’t blatantly add every task that pops up in your mind to the plan and eliminate tasks that aren’t actually important.

Believe us, this will make everything much more manageable and less stressful.

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2. Batch Similar Tasks

Research shows that it takes 15-23 minutes for our brain to “catch up” and re-focus. That means, when you constantly switch tasks, writing a little bit here, paying a bill over there, your productivity levels are wrecked.

That’s when the incredibly simple concept of ‘task batching’ comes in. Basically, in your productivity plan, group the similar tasks together and then take care of them in one swoop.

Here’s how you can put ‘task batching’ into practice:

First off, create a mega to-do list. Research, phone calls, fitness, emails, design work, blogs – include whatever your day entails in your productivity plan.

Now, just go through that list, and group the tasks that are similar, and can be done together. For example, email correspondence and answering blog posts call for similar mindsets, right? So just group them together!

The more similar your tasks are, the easier it is for your brain to make the transition from one task to the next!


3. Identify your Time Thieves

Most of us find it hard to work on a task for a prolonged time. We’re constantly looking for diversions, like a cup of coffee, or a quick check of social media (which ends up being more than that).

Yes, these are all wonderful pastimes, but not when they are taking you away from the task at hand because in that case, they are ‘time thieves’.

The thing is, time is your most valuable asset, you must protect it at all costs.

Unfortunately, you can’t hire a personal bodyguard to do this for you. What you can do instead is create a good productivity plan and clearly define and organize your goals and tasks in the plan.

Mention what distractions you need to avoid while doing a particular task and how you’ll avoid them. Confront the thieves, chase them away and take back your day! 💪🏻

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4. You Might Not Need a Break, But Your Body Does

When you feel like you have too much to do, it is very easy to convince yourself that you do not have the time to take breaks, isn’t it?

But, we aren’t computers. We can’t work at 100% capacity, 100% of the time. We’re humans and we need breaks.

That’s why you need to include regular, well-timed breaks in your productivity plan. (Just don’t take five-minute breaks every five minutes.)

Fun Fact: The top 10% of most productive people work on an average for 52 minutes and then they take a break for 17 minutes. That means, you’re not being lazy if you take a break, you’re actually being smart!

So, stretch your limbs, call your loved ones, have a healthy snack, do a crossword puzzle, write in your journal and relax once in a while. Whatever it is, make sure to include it in your productivity plan.

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5. Set Self-Imposed Deadlines

Think about the difference between these two lines:

  • “I have to write this blog today”
  • “I have to write this blog by 5 PM today.”

The second one has much more focus and power to it, doesn’t it? It is certainly going to have better odds of producing results.

The reality is, until you set deadlines for all your tasks in the productivity plan, you won’t move very far – or fast. Without assigning deadlines, you’ll probably put a few tasks on the back burner because – what’s the rush?

When you set a deadline, you make a commitment to making progress. Due to the added time pressure, you work with more focus and keep procrastination in check!

Kudos! You’re now ALMOST a pro at creating a productivity plan. The only thing that’s left for you to learn is: Where to create your productivity plan?

Because trust us, if you have the right tool in hand from the very beginning, there’s no need to hasten or take shortcuts that can wreck your productivity plan.

Okay, this isn’t a Steven Spielberg movie so we think we’ve created enough suspense. Now let’s get crackin’ and find out which right tool we’re talking about! 👀


Bit.ai – Just What You Need to Create a Top-Notch Productivity Plan (And All Other Plans)

Bit.ai: Tool for creating productivity planWith its simple interface and amazing features, Bit.ai has taken the pain out of creating and managing a productivity plan. Using Bit, you can create a productivity plan that looks and works like a charm in seconds.

Yes, you can start working on your productivity plan quickly with the assistance of Bit’s 90+ customizable templates. Just pick a template that works best for you!

You can also seamlessly organize related documents and links with your tasks and have a searchable record of everything you’ve done.

Hey, don’t let procrastination catch you when you’re not at your computer! Bit documents are fully responsive. When you’re on the go and want to log a task quickly, you can do it just by typing in the content on your phone.

The best part? You can even add your family, friends, and coworkers to your workspace. What it simply means is that you all can create and manage your productivity plans under one roof using Bit. That way, you can hold each other accountable whenever someone’s lagging behind on their tasks and not following the plan!

The great thing about Bit is that you can start with something as simple as a productivity plan with a checklist, then you can use it to carry out and manage bigger, more complex tasks.

Bit.ai can be your virtual notepad of life, just give it a try!


Over to You, Folks!

We often feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Between work, family, hobbies – remaining productive feels like an uphill battle.

But, just like everything else in life, becoming productive is possible. All it takes is practice, hard work, dedication…and a productivity plan.

Yes, if you want to stay focused and crush your to-do list, creating a productivity plan is just what you need to do. It’ll have you checking more off your to-do list in no time.

Trust us, once you start creating productivity plans, you will not only feel like a total badass, but you will also accomplish your big, scary goals more quickly than you ever imagined!


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