Imagine a big store filled with lots of toys. Every toy wants to be noticed and chosen by kids. That’s where “brand positioning” comes in. It’s like giving each toy its own special place on the shelf, making it stand out and catch the kids’ eyes.

In the world of businesses, brand positioning is just as important. It’s about making your brand different from others and making people remember it. Think of it as your brand’s unique fingerprint that makes it special.

This guide is like a treasure map to help you create your own brand positioning magic. We’ll show you why it’s super important and guide you through the steps to make your brand shine bright. So, get ready to learn and become a brand positioning pro!


What is Brand Positioning?

Imagine your brand is like a special star in the sky. Brand positioning is about finding the best spot for your star in people’s minds. It’s like making your brand memorable and easy to pick out.

Unique Place in Minds

Think of your favorite color. When someone mentions it, you immediately think of that color. That’s how brand positioning works. It’s the special place your brand name has in people’s thoughts.


Different from Others

Just like how your star is different from other stars, brand positioning makes your brand different from others. It shows why your brand is cool and stands out from the rest.


Shaping What People Think

When someone talks about your brand, you want people to think of good things. Brand positioning does that. It makes people think about your brand positively and specially.

In simple words, brand positioning makes your brand like a superhero – unique, different, and something people remember easily.


The Importance of Brand Positioning

Think about your favorite toy. You like it because it’s unique and special. That’s what brand positioning does for businesses. It makes them stand out and be special, just like your favorite toy.

Making People Love Your Brand

Creating brand affection mirrors your fondness for a treasured item. Just as you gravitate towards favorites repeatedly, effective brand positioning fosters this sentiment. It transforms people into dedicated fans who remain loyal, reminiscent of your attachment to a beloved toy. The goal is to instill a lasting connection, making individuals return and engage enthusiastically with a brand, experiencing a sense of devotion akin to the joy of embracing a well-loved possession.


Helping People Decide

Selecting a delectable snack resembles choosing a brand. An appealing package sparks interest. Similarly, brand positioning wields the same influence. A brand that appears exceptional and enticing captures attention, fostering increased desire. It’s akin to a magical guide that aids decision-making, making the selection process easier and more engaging. Just as an attractive package lures you, an effectively positioned brand becomes the coveted choice, utilizing its allure to guide individuals toward making favorable decisions.


Growing Your Business

Much like your favorite game attracting more players, brand positioning propels businesses to acquire additional customers. When a brand earns affection, word-of-mouth spreads its popularity, drawing in a larger customer base. This ripple effect mirrors a team of heroes expanding, fueled by their reputation. Effective brand positioning transforms customers into brand advocates, driving business growth as delighted customers share their positive experiences, just like a growing league of heroes united by their shared achievements.


Why It’s Like a Superpower

Brand positioning is like a superhero cape for businesses. It makes them strong, loved, and successful. Just like how superheroes are special, brand positioning makes your brand special too!

So, just like how superheroes save the day, brand positioning saves your brand by making it stand out, loved, and super awesome in the eyes of people.


Traits That Make Brand Positioning Special

Think about how you have your own style and favorite things. Brands also have their own special traits that make them cool and loved. Let’s learn about these traits that make brands stand out!

1. What People Like

Brands, akin to beloved toys, should encompass what people desire. Just as your cherished toy collection mirrors your preferences, brands should curate elements that resonate with their audience. It’s about crafting a brand that captivates, akin to a toy collection brimming with beloved playthings, creating an enticing and relatable connection.


2. Being Different

Just as you have your individuality among friends, brands must also embrace uniqueness. Standing out makes them intriguing. Picture if all ice cream flavors were identical – that wouldn’t be fun! Likewise, brand distinctiveness captivates, crafting a captivating appeal that sets them apart, akin to an array of enticing ice cream flavors.


3. Trust and Honesty

Just like a dependable friend, brands must earn trust. Honesty holds immense significance. It’s akin to a friend keeping their promise, fostering a reliable bond. Similarly, brand honesty establishes credibility, ensuring customers can place their trust, ultimately nurturing a lasting and trustworthy relationship.


4. Looking the Same Everywhere

Consistency is key for brands—they should maintain a uniform look and feel across all encounters. Just as your superhero friend dons their iconic costume, brands should evoke the same recognition. Imagine your favorite color; it remains constant, regardless of its use. Similarly, brand uniformity ensures a recognizable identity, resonating with audiences no matter where they engage, like a dependable friend whose appearance and essence remain steadfast.


5. Making You Feel Good

Brands should evoke joy and excitement, much like a cherished storybook that brings a smile. Imagine a brand that makes you feel like a valued team member—a sensation akin to being part of an exclusive club. Just as a captivating storybook uplift, brands have the power to create a sense of belonging and positivity, fostering connections that resonate deeply, like the warmth of a secret and cherished club.


How These Traits Work Together

When these traits come together, they create a strong and awesome brand that people love. It’s like putting together puzzle pieces to make a complete and beautiful picture.

Brands with these special traits become superstars in the world of business. Just like how your favorite toy stands out, these traits make brands shine bright.


Creating a Strong Brand Strategy

Making your brand special is like making a cool adventure map. Let’s learn how to make your brand shine like a bright star in the sky!


1. Know Your Friends (Audience)

Understanding your audience is like knowing your friends’ preferences. Brands, like good friends, tailor themselves to match people’s likes. This involves asking questions, observing behaviors, and uncovering preferences, similar to learning secrets about your pals. Just as you know your friends’ favorite games, grasping your audience’s interests is key to crafting a brand that resonates perfectly with them.


2. Check Out Other Explorers (Competition)

Picture yourself as an explorer on a treasure island. Just as you’d want to know what fellow explorers discovered, studying your competition unveils unique opportunities for your brand. By examining what others do, you can uncover uncharted territories to set your brand apart—much like discovering hidden treasures in the vast landscape of business.


3. Show Your Special Things (UVP)

Like your personal superpower, brands too have something exceptional—their Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Just as you possess unique qualities, a UVP defines what sets your brand apart and makes it extraordinary. It’s the magic that makes your brand remarkable and distinct in the eyes of your audience.


4. Tell a Cool Story

Much like captivating adventures, brands can also spin enthralling tales. Narrating your brand’s journey—its inception and beliefs—lets people connect on a deeper level. Just as you share your adventures with friends, unveiling your brand’s story helps audiences understand its essence, forging a stronger bond between you and your customers.


5. Your Brand’s Awesome Traits

Just as your distinct traits define you, brands too possess unique characteristics—like being friendly or innovative. Brands select traits that reflect their identity, such as being reliable or trendy. Displaying these traits consistently is akin to donning your favorite attire every day. Much like your personality traits, a brand’s chosen characteristics shape how it’s perceived, forming a memorable and relatable identity.


6. Your Cool Introduction (Positioning Statement)

Much like introducing yourself briefly, brands use a positioning statement—a unique hello that explains their greatness. This concise message shares why your brand stands out, piquing curiosity and inviting people to explore further. Just as your introduction sparks interest, a well-crafted positioning statement captures attention and compels audiences to discover the essence of your brand.


Bringing It All Together

Each step is like adding a piece to your treasure map. When you put them all together, your brand becomes a shining star that everyone loves.

Creating a brand strategy is like planning an exciting journey. With these steps, your brand will be like a brave explorer that stands out and wins the hearts of everyone!


Brand Positioning Examples

1. Apple

What They Do: Apple makes cool gadgets like iPhones and iPads.

Why They’re Special: They make gadgets that look cool, work well, and make life easier.

People Love Them: People like Apple because their gadgets are different and make them feel modern and creative.


2. Nike

What They Do: Nike makes sports stuff like shoes and clothes.

Why They’re Special: They make people feel like they can do anything, like sports heroes.

People Love Them: People choose Nike because it makes them feel strong and inspires them to be active.


3. Starbucks

What They Do: Starbucks makes yummy coffee and has cozy cafes.

Why They’re Special: They give you a special feeling when you drink their coffee, like being with friends.

People Love Them: People go to Starbucks for a nice coffee experience and a comfy place to relax.


4. Volvo

What They Do: Volvo makes cars that are safe and family-friendly.

Why They’re Special: They focus on keeping you safe and having cars for families.

People Love Them: Families choose Volvo because they feel safe and trust the brand for their loved ones.


5. Airbnb

What They Do: Airbnb helps you find unique places to stay when you travel.

Why They’re Special: They let you live like locals and have adventures while traveling.

People Love Them: Travelers pick Airbnb because they want to experience something special and different during their trips.

These brands have special things that make people like them. Some make cool gadgets, some inspire you, some give you a cozy feeling, and others help you have unique experiences. That’s why these brands are favorites for many people!



You’ve explored the world of brand positioning and learned how to make your brand super special.

Making your brand special is like going on an adventure. With these steps, your brand will shine and be loved by everyone who sees it.

So, are you excited to start? Your brand’s adventure begins now, and you’ll see how amazing it becomes when you follow these steps. Get ready for a journey full of fun and success!

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