Whether it’s a trailer for a movie, a work presentation, or even a chance encounter with potential clients, no one has the time, patience, or attention span to listen to long dragged-out pitches anymore.

So when it comes to getting business clients, you need to have an exciting summation of ideas that will entice them into accepting your deal. For this, you need to have an impressive business pitch ready. It can make or break a deal.

However, finding the perfect balance of a business pitch that is concise and impactful can be difficult. And the process of fine-tuning what exactly needs to be included can be a taxing job.

You’re constantly going to be torn between whether to add a specific point, or whether the tone seems right or not (God forbid you to sound unprofessional).

But we’re here to tell you that the perfect business pitch does exist! All you need is a little guidance to help you craft a memorable one best suited to your vision. And we’ll help you with that!

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By the end of this blog, you would have learned the meaning, importance, and steps involved in writing a killer business pitch for your clients.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!


What is a Business Pitch?

In its simplest sense, a business pitch is a presentation of business ideas. It is a depiction of business plans to potential clients to persuade them that your company is the right choice. It may be written, a multimedia presentation or a personal pitch delivered face-to-face.

Whether it is pitched to a single individual or a large gathering of people, a well-thought-out pitch with great delivery can persuade decisions and secure the business deal.

Although business pitches may differ slightly from one another, one thing stands true, it seeks to sway the minds of whoever is listening and convinces them to buy from you or invest in your business.

Now that you know what a business pitch is, you might be thinking – “Is a Business Pitch really that necessary?”. The answer is YES, it is. Let’s find out why!


Why You Should Create Business Pitch?

1. It Captures Attention

A business pitch is a condensed, quick, and apt way of presenting a set of ideas in a manner that engages its listeners. Just like a well-directed trailer results in prompting the audience to want to watch a movie, a stellar business pitch can have far-reaching impacts. Not only does it propose a neat plan in a short period, but it also manages to spark interest and sustain it as well. All of this is crucial for any investment to go through.


2. It Highlights Originality

A business pitch is a summation of the general ideas of your business proposal and is colored by your specific thoughts. This makes it unique because nothing stands out in a sea of mundanity more than an idea that is creative and original. This is why business pitches carry so much weight in the decision-making process. They impress potential clients and reassure them of your creativity and authenticity. In the long run of things, this is what can dictate whether they decide to take you up on your business offer.

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3. It Showcases Precision

When clients conduct an overview of potential businesses they wish to invest in financially, not only are they looking for new creative ideas, but they’re also looking for visions that can be brought to actual realization. A business pitch that is well executed shows potential investors that you are capable of streamlining ideas and that you can work not only effectively, but with precision and level-headedness. A trait such as this can never be overlooked, especially in the competitive world of business.

Now that you understand why it’s necessary to create a business pitch, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of actually writing one!


How to Create a Business Pitch? (Process)

1. Do Proper Research

You can’t convince your audience of anything unless you have your facts straight. Any information you possess must be updated and relevant for your business pitch to gain credibility. For this, adequate research is a must.

Your words must be backed up by facts and figures. Once you establish yourself as a reliable source, your vision will carry more weight and in turn easily convince your audience to choose you.

And on this note, thorough research from all angles must be conducted, and topics within your business pitch must be cross-checked and properly examined before you pitch your business ideas to any individual or group.

Proper research will aid you in the entire process and serve as the foundation on which your business pitch stands.


2. Understand Target Audience

No matter how perfectly you craft your business pitch, or how well you deliver it, if it is not what your audience wants or has in mind, it’s all just a pointless endeavor and wasted effort.

So, knowing your target audience will open a lot of doors for you. Doing a little background check on potential clients and some research on who you’re presenting your business pitch to can make a world of difference.

Once you’ve done the research, you’ll have a better understanding of your target audience and will be armed with the necessary knowledge to present your pitch accordingly. You will be able to mold your business pitch to cater to their likes and dislikes, which in turn will generate even better chances of them investing in your proposals.


3. Build Your Pitch

Now that you have the research and facts to support your claims and the understanding of what your audience wants, you can start creating your pitch.

Depending on the situation, determine what kind of business pitch you need to create. If you are pitching to potential investors about your business plan, then you need to create a pitch deck that will offer a comprehensive view of your ideas and concepts. But on the other hand, if you’re at a networking event looking to make connections, then a better choice would be to develop an elevator pitch.

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4. Highlight Your Successes

When you’re creating a business pitch one of the most crucial things for you to do is to highlight your successes. Share evidence and demonstrate the value of your business and ideas.

Use numerical and quantitative data to support your claims. Instead of saying something about boosting sales, mention the numbers and percentage of the sales boost. This adds specificity and credibility, which in turn makes your business pitch appear more compelling.

By highlighting all your positive results, you show your potential investors and clients the value that you can bring to them.


5. Distinguish from the Competition

Your investors and clients are likely to go through dozens of business pitches before and after you present your pitch to them. So you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition and explain to them why they must choose you over anyone else. Give them data and information that illustrates why your pitch is the best and how it can present more value to them. Focus and emphasize specific and unique skills that you offer and how they can contribute to their success.


6. Know Company Ethos

Every company, be it a small business started from home, or a large conglomerate, all have something in common, and that is a defining mission or a company ethos upon which the essence of the company is built.

This ethos dictates what the company stands for and to a large degree, the direction it takes. It gives identity to the company and also gives it depth and soul.

Knowing the ethos of your brand is therefore fundamental if you want to branch out and advertise yourself to potential investors. It is the first impression your business pitch makes and the basis on which their opinions will be further built up. Be sure of your company’s mission and then the rest of your business pitch will follow suit.


7. Be Precise and Clear Cut

You have to face the reality that your potential clients are also offered a plethora of other business pitches by other people. This is not to dampen your spirits, but to inform you of the reality that clients have a range of options. What is needed is to make your business pitch memorable.

A successful business pitch more often than not is not elaborate, but simple, precise, and impactful. When investors listen to one business pitch after another, it can be mundane and monotonous. It’s better not to exacerbate that with a long-winded montage of ideas after ideas. It’s better to keep it precise and make your intentions clear so that the desired impact of your business pitch can be achieved quickly.


8. Practice! Practice! Practice!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the delivery and the conviction and certainty with which you deliver it. There is no harm in practicing your business pitch many times till you can deliver it with utmost confidence. After all, practice makes one perfect. And it may sound corny but it’s true – if you truly believe in your vision, the people you’re pitching it to will be convinced of it as well.

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Bit.ai: Tool for Creating All Types of Pitches

Bit.ai is a modern-day cloud-based documentation and collaboration platform that will help you create, edit, organize, manage, and share documents all under one roof, and that too in a matter of a few minutes!

It is exclusively designed for your documentation needs and can help you whip up a business pitch in a jiffy! Through its robust, intuitive, and integrated tools, Bit has made the complicated and lengthy process of creating a business pitch a walk in the park.

Bit can make your business pitch a hundred times more awesome than it already is. How? Check out all these mind-blowing features of Bit!

Interactive Documents: 

Your business pitch may need to contain several rich media such as images, videos, social proof, pricing tables, GIFs, and more. Adding this to your document becomes a breeze with Bit’s 100+ integrations that lets you add any rich media to your business pitch. All you need to do is copy the shareable link and paste it into your Bit doc. It’s that easy!


Real-Time Collaboration:

The thing about writing business pitches is that it is a team effort. You need to work together and take input and ideas from others for the pitch to be a true success. With Bit’s real-time collaboration feature, you can easily collaborate with your team in real time and work together to create the perfect business pitch ever.


Guest Access:

With Bit, you can grant “guest access” to your investors or clients, or customer. It offers two types of access to the documents: comment-only and read-only. With comment-only access, they can @mention team members and give their suggestions or feedback, while read-only access only allows them to read the content you have shared with them.


Get Real-Time Insights:

Bit offers a document tracking feature that helps you get real-time document insights on your shared documents. This means you can see how much time your prospect has spent reading your business pitch, how often they come back to read it, how far they’ve scrolled, and a lot more.

When it comes to creating, sharing, and managing business pitches or any other document, there’s nothing like Bit.ai out there. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up your game and start using Bit.ai!



Whether it is a single individual or a group of potential investors, the right business pitch can woo anyone. And in this blog, we have helped you learn how to do that! With Bit on your side, there’s no stopping you from creating a killer business pitch.

Remember, you are not always going to be successful in your dealings, no matter how perfect your business pitch is. But you have to remind yourself that the door to opportunities will only open up to those who knock. Good luck!

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