More and more companies are going BYOD – bring your own device.

What it means is that companies have started to allow employees to use their own laptops, tablets, pads, and smartphones on the job, and they even provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for their employees.

And after the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have started working from home.

Yes, this trend towards remote working offers many benefits, like employee flexibility, reduced spend on office space, and more.

But, there are certain challenges that come with it as well.

All these trends are making our devices more vulnerable to the ever-growing cyber threats which can jeopardize sensitive information.

When we say sensitive information, we are not only talking about your name and address, we’re talking about your IP address, access to your business account, browsing history, and more!

Employees using vpn while working

Scared? Well, there’s something out there that will protect you and your data – VPN!

It doesn’t matter where you’re working from, a virtual private network or VPN is essential.

Want to know why? Let’s find out!


First Off, What Is a VPN?

Simply put, a VPN is a tunnel for encrypted data.

The VPN takes the data your computer sends out over the Internet and encrypts it, so hackers and other prying eyes can’t read it.

It sends it through a data tunnel to its own servers, dozens of servers in dozens of locations, and applies their Internet Protocols (IP) addresses to your data so no one can trace your browsing activity back to your computer in your physical location.

Then it decrypts your data from the data tunnel for the servers hosting the sites you visit and encrypts the data through a different data tunnel back to you.

Your VPN protects your data from your boss.

It protects your data from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) your company uses to provide you with Internet access.

And it protects your data from hackers who want to steal information about your company when you are using your own computer for work at home!

Awesome, right?

If what we said above isn’t enough to convince you, we are going to tell you a few more reasons why you should use a VPN at work!


7 Reasons Why You Should Use VPN at Work

1. Helps you Get Around your Company’s Censorship Policies

It’s true that you could use your VPN to get around your company’s web filtering tools.

That means you can use VPN to access a gambling site or a politically incorrect site at work.

But that’s not the main reason you need a VPN.

Some companies block access to social media (Facebook) and YouTube in addition to blocking questionable sites.

If your job involves managing your company’s social media presence, or you need YouTube to access a professional presentation, your VPN can keep you from being held back by an overly restrictive company policy.

Of course, you want to use good judgment when you violate the letter of a company policy.


2. Keeps your Boss from Monitoring your Browser history

Let’s suppose that your company has liberal browsing policies, and you don’t spend your time on questionable sites anyway.

There is no problem with your supervisor’s looking into your browsing history, right?

Think again.

Employees doing online research

Many companies don’t mind your checking your personal email on your own time, at breaks, or at lunch.

Problems may arise when your email, which, after all, you don’t entirely control, contains words that your company regards as a red flag for discriminatory practices or collaboration with a competitor.

Or you just don’t want your boss to know that some other company is interested in you for a job.

Your VPN keeps your information private from your company even when you use their network.


3. Enables you to Safely Access Company Files Remotely

When you are working on a company computer on a company network, there isn’t a lot of worry about the security of company files.

But when you are accessing company files on your computer at home, your VPN adds a layer of security for your company’s sensitive information.

Bonus: SurfShark’s VPN helps you keep company information safe when you work at home!

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4. Helps you Maintains Online Anonymity

Just because your activities aren’t questionable doesn’t mean they won’t be questioned.

A man maintaining anonimity online using vpn

Innocent activities can be misinterpreted when your company’s IT manager goes over your browsing history, or when your boss decides to monitor your activity on the Internet.

You can avoid unnecessary discussions just by using your VPN.


5. Disguises Your Identity While Using Public Wifi

You’re not at home and your boss suddenly gives you an important task that he wants you to finish.

What do you do? You start looking for public Wi-Fi.

Yes, that’s the best choice but see, the thing is, there are several security threats associated with public wifi like data breaches and attacking malware.

Using this wifi for personal and business use is a BIG no.

What’s the alternative? VPN! It provides you a safe and secure room for your work and also disguises your identity while using public Wi-Fi.


6. Provides Higher Level of Security for Online Banking

How many times have you made a transaction online using Wi-Fi?

We’re pretty sure you’ve done that quite a lot of times, and with good reason.

We all love the convenience online banking provides us with!

But, it won’t be so convenient if our identity gets stolen because of the unsecured internet connection, right?

A VPN provides an additional layer of safety and security, along with giving you more peace of mind!


7. Helps you in Sending & Receiving Data Securely

There’s one thing that’s common in almost every business or industry – sending and receiving important digital files.

For security reasons, these kinds of important files should be accessed through a secure connection, and a VPN provides you with just that.

Vpn symbol

That’s not it!

If you collect data from clients or customers you can also make them feel secure by using a VPN.

We mean, who won’t want to rely on a company that takes extra steps to keep your data secure?


Wrapping Up

With virtual offices becoming more and more mainstream, VPN is becoming more and more important.

Honestly, using a VPN at work is the only reasonable thing to do as it keeps everything you do on the internet anonymous, just the way it should be.

With a VPN, you can protect your information from prying eyes and keep your online activity safeguarded.

The most awesome part? Online safety and privacy are just a click away!

If you’re looking for the most solid VPN for work, Surfshark is your best choice. Just click the link to get started!

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